A Trauma-Informed Employer (TIE) Quality Mark allows you to prove to your customers, clients, staff and volunteers that you are able to respond professionally and sensitively to domestic and sexual violence, no matter how it impacts upon your organisation.

An employer achieving the TIE Quality Mark can be confident of providing a legal, ethical, sensitive and cost-effective response to any disclosures, complaints or allegations including sexual harassment, bullying, abuse and safeguarding. This includes understanding and managing the hidden impact of undisclosed and unrecognised trauma amongst employees, volunteers, customers and clients.

Sector TIE Quality Mark

Our Specialist TIE’s are designed for organisations facing particular challenges in responding to disclosures. These include:

  • Corporate/Finance
  • School
  • Colleges      
  • Universities  
  • Local Authorities
  • Prisons and probation Services
  • Voluntary Sector Organisations   
  • Healthcare providers including primary care and residential providers        
  • Housing Associations

What it involves

The Regional Champion will compile a preliminary audit and report, in partnership with your chosen front-line staff, on the current readiness of your organisation for TIE accreditation.  This will then inform a guided management review, including raising awareness and knowledge amongst senior staff, so as to help embed a Trauma-Informed ethos in everything your organisation does.


The cost of achieving TIE is dependent on the complexity and size of the organisation and the level of achievement you wish to attain for your organisation.





For any organisation where it is important to be able to reliably respond to the needs of employees who report incidents of sexual harassment , sexual abuse or bullying

  • Corporate
  • Public sector
  • Business
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • General charities


Complete review and update of your safeguarding protocols and employment policies and protocols/




For organisations where it is important to be able to offer an enhanced response to people disclosing sexual harassment, sexual abuse or bullying.

  • Local authorities
  • Primary care providers
  • Schools, colleges,universities
  • Healthcare providers
  • General charities


 Training internal trauma-informed champions to cascade enhanced awareness and knowledge to all staff members.



For organisations where it is crucial or desirable to evidence that trauma-informed practice is embedded into all aspects of your organisation’s activities creating a culture that proactively challenges sexual harassment, sexual abuse or bullying.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Residential healthcare providers
  • Charities working with vulnerable clients
  • Prison and probation
  • Corporate/Finance


Your senior management team will be supported to embed trauma-informed practice into all aspects of your organisation, including supporting a culture of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment, sexual abuse or bullying.

All TIE accreditation includes access to online toolkits and resources

For more information

To enquire about TIE accreditation, or if you have any related enquiries, please email us at: [email protected]