SurvivorsUK, the London based mental health charity supporting adult male victims of sexual violation, is proud to announce the opening of the first national web-chat service aimed specifically at men who have experienced sexual violation at any point in their lives.

Georgina Hoare, the charity’s Clinical Services Manager says:

“SurvivorsUK has been listening to the stories of this almost invisible community in person and on the phone for more than 26 years.  People are telling us that they would be more willing to ask for help and support using the internet, so we’ve developed a way for them to do this that maintains the high standards of professional service provision and confidentiality that are synonymous with our work.  We hope that this exciting new service will encourage more men from all around the country to contact us for help and support and that this national service will help to fill in some of the extensive national gaps in service for sexually violated men.”

There are fewer than 30 services nationally that provide any support at all to men who have experienced sexual violation.  Most of these are in city centres, so there are huge geographical areas in which a sexually violated men cannot access support (for example, a man in Aberdeen would have to get to Glasgow for support).  This new internet based service will provide a low cost, highly anonymised service that uses a medium that is part of the daily fabric of most people’s lives.

The National Web-Chat service opened on Tuesday 3rd June and is available initially from Monday to Thursday.  For opening times go to

To access this service go to and look out for the flashing icon at the top of the page.

For further information, please contact: Michael May at [email protected] or on 020 3598 3898