Statement of Purpose

The Survivors Trust and MACSAS (Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors) have collaborated to establish the Survivors’ Alliance, which has brought together a wide range of survivor groups, supporting professionals, expert advisers and individual survivors.

The five aims of the Survivors’ Alliance are:

  • To strive to represent survivors nationwide in engaging with the CSA Inquiry (IICSA)
  • To co-ordinate support for survivors nationwide engaging with the CSA Inquiry (IICSA)
  • To communicate with different survivor groups nationwide in relation to the CSA Inquiry (IICSA)
  • To be a consistent point of contact for the CSA Inquiry (now IICSA) and survivor groups
  • To educate and inform government and relevant people on the effects and dynamics of abuse

The Survivors’ Alliance fully supports a statutory national inquiry which has the necessary powers to investigate cover ups, expose the systematic abuse of children in institutions, bring offenders to justice and to make sure we have effective safeguarding and child protection for future generations of children.

  • the CSA Inquiry into Institutional Failings in relation to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) was named the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse [IICSA] on 9 July 2015