We are thrilled to share our new branding! This isn't just about looks – Our new brand embodies inclusivity, empowerment, and unity. Through a powerful visual identity, we're raising awareness, empowering survivors, and providing education about the effects of sexual violence and abuse.

"Presenting more than a brand design – a resounding emblem of our charity's essence. With a commanding identity that fosters trust, it paints a vivid mosaic of our multifaceted endeavors. This design unites connections, embodies forward thinking, and shines as a beacon of the transformative strength found in shared compassion." - Donal Carmody, Chair of the National Executive Committee

Threads of Change

The new branding features coloured threads, each colour representing the different facets of The Survivors Trust - Fundraising, Helpline and Information, Inspection and Training. These aspects of The Survivors Trust, like the threads representing them, weave together to help make change possible.


United against sexual violence & abuse.

We're also excited to introduce our tagline: "United against sexual violence & abuse." This tagline reflects our mission to stand with our members, raise awareness, and drive positive change. It's a reminder that when we unite, we amplify our impact.


You, Us, and Our Impact.

The support, donations and voices from our community of fundraisers, supporters, and survivors – that's what makes change possible.

So, let's chat about what needs to change, empowerment, and education. Because every conversation, donation and search for information helps to create a most inclusive, supportive society where survivors can be empowered.


A Sneak Peek For What's Coming Soon!

This brand reveal is just the start. We have some exciting updates, including a partnership with the Home Office to create a free, specialist training programme for 'Employers Against Abuse'.

The 'Employers Against Abuse' (EAA) training aims to create safe, informed, supportive work environments for survivors. Specialist trainers will deliver the training and work with selected people to become Support Ambassadors for their workplace who will, in turn, cascade their awareness and knowledge into their workplace.

We are also preparing to celebrate our 21st anniversary in May next year. We hope to celebrate all the supporters, survivors and colleagues involved with us during our 21 years and highlight some of our most significant achievements. Follow us on social media to stay updated on our events and opportunities to get involved.