Ms Fay Maxted. Chief executive Officer The Survivors’ Trust. For services to Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence. (Rugby, Warwickshire)

Needless to say ALL at The Survivors Trust are delighted!

Fay commented, “you don’t see many honours going to a sector that deals with such a taboo subject. It feels absolutely wonderful to feel that you’ve had an impact and been recognised at the national level for raising this issue."

“I know the value of these services and the difference they make, and they are life-saving services. It actually gives people their lives back. To be able to support people in that way makes you feel very worthwhile.

“Often they aren’t funded as well as they should be. They struggle along from one fund to the next and put everything into it. The work of volunteers in those agencies is just amazing."

“For me, it’s about bringing survivors’ needs to the fore and saying ‘this is what we do, this is why we do it, and this is why it matters’.”

The London Gazette

The Guardian