The aim of this study is to work with survivors in the production of an on-line learning resource that will help to prepare those who have experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse for pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby. This will be a resource that survivors are able to access at their own pace and in private. It will help them to learn about topics, which will be identified during the project, that are important for those who are contemplating pregnancy and birth, and explore strategies that helped other survivors to cope.

On this page you will find:

  • A Participant information sheet that will tell you more about the study and what involvement will mean for you
  • A link to Survey Monkey where you will be able to answer our questions on line
  • A copy of the same questions you will find via Survey Monkey in a form that you can download or print if you would rather not respond on-line
  • A reply slip for use if you would prefer to speak to us via WhatsApp or telephone

You can obtain further information by emailing the lead researcher: [email protected]

Participant Information Sheet

Survey Monkey questionnaire

Asking your opinion – questionnaire

Reply Slip