What type of support would best help men who’ve suffered rape or sexual abuse and how would they want to access that support?

For the first time ever, the Government has set aside a dedicated pot of money specifically to support men who have suffered sexual abuse including rape. In a ground-breaking process supported by male survivor groups Survivors UK, Survivors Manchester, Mankind, First Step together with The Survivors Trust, the Ministry of Justice is seeking public views and ideas on how the £500,000 fund should be used in the best possible way to meet the needs of as many men as possible.

Member agencies of The Survivors Trust and other organisations are in a unique position to ensure that the survey reaches out to male survivors everywhere. Feedback from family members, friends and supporters is also welcomed.

The Ministry of Justice is also keen to hear from professionals, supporters, researchers and organisations providing support for male survivors. In fact, anyone who can provide any insight into the needs of male survivors.

All views are anonymous – you can choose any login name to join the discussion. You can post your own ideas or comment on the ideas that have been posted by others and vote for them. This way the popular ideas will float to the top and will help to shape how the new pot of money is spent.

Follow this link for more information and to join in the discussion:  http://justice.dialogue-app.com/

Thank you for helping to #breakthesilence.