It was different yesterday, she was invincible, a super-powered revved up new engine, ready to burst into a rocket fuelled light of positivity


And today?


She cried, because stardust fell all around her, yet the magic had disappeared


Why couldn’t she do her best every day, wondering was she the only one who failed?


The sun does not shine all the time, clouds pass through, night descends


We are gravitated towards both light and darkness, no order or prevalence for some


It is neither weakness nor wrong to feel the emotional pull of painful sighs to ease the discomfort of others


Each day is a new day, but how it looks may change. Sometimes better, other times, a deep sense of loneliness and isolation, thinking the world has discarded the ones gasping for air


But she wants to conquer, and she does, but it is not always visible during periods when the stick wants to beat the soul into submission


Overwhelmed and unmotivated to persist. It is not an affliction or reflection on character. It is part of life’s continual passage as we navigate through.


Our internal mirror can be the cruellest of all. Rarely do we hold ourselves up to the light when shadows criss-cross patterns of uncertainty


Maybe now is the moment to recognise that our imperfections are what makes us unique.


Be beautiful.

Be you!


© Elizabeth Shane (From Behind the Mask)

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