From Report to Court 2018 

Rights of Women

Responding to the Challenge of Rape Myths in Court. A Guide for Prosecutors 2014

Dr Nina Burrows

Your guide on reporting non-recent child sexual abuse to the police in the UK 2014

Operation Hydrant

The Criminal Justice System 2019

London Survivors Gateway & RASASC

Survivors of Sexual Violence: Your Rights at a Glance 2018

Rights of Women

Being a Witness, a Booklet for Young Witnesses going to Court 2011

Ministry of Justice

CPS Policy for Prosecuting Cases of Rape 2012

Crown Prosecution Services

From Charge to Trial: A Guide to Criminal Proceedings 2012

Rights of Women 

A Guide to Criminal Injuries Compensation 2013

Rights of Women


Sexual Violence and Housing 2019

London Survivors Gateway & Solace

My Rights, My Self, My Choice, My Hopes 2019

London Survivors Gateway & Nia

Code of Practice for Victims of Crime in England and Wales November 2020 

Ministry of Justice



The Abuse Survivor‘s Guide to Making a Claim for Compensation

Emmott Snell Solicitors