Southmead Project is a registered charity providing free therapeutic and practical support to adults who were abused as children and have turned to drugs, alcohol and other ways of self-harming as a consequence of that trauma.

Address: 165 Greystoke Avenue, Southmead, Bristol, BS10 6AS
Office: 01179 506022
Email: [email protected]
Area covered: Mainly Bristol and surrounding areas but has no geographic restrictions in terms of accepting client referrals

Services offered:

  • Counselling for those who have experienced abuse and trauma
  • Support for parents and carers of substance mis-users
  • Provision of training in abuse, addiction and disclosure
  • Research on the impact of childhood trauma and it’s correlation to self-harm

Services for:

  • Those who have experienced domestic, sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse as children or as adults and have turned to drugs, alcohol or other ways of self-harming in order to suppress the emotions that follow such trauma
  • Parents and carers of the above
  • Practitioners without the skills to deal with clients’ disclosure of abuse

Special interests: Developing a pathway of positive change from abuse, trauma and self-harm to recovery, training and employment by working in conjunction with the local development trust.

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