Support around self injury and self harm. Support for girls and women of any age who self-injure. Training for professionals working with people  who self-injure. All services run by staff and volunteers with trauma-focused training background

Postal address: PO Box 3240, Bristol, BS2 2EF

Helpline: 0808 800 8088 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7pm - 9.30pm)

Text Message: 07537 432444

Email: [email protected]
Area covered: National

Services offered:

  • CASS women’s self injury helpline for women of any age
  • TESS text and email support for girls & young women (up to age 25) affected by self-injury
  • Online self management tools and ideas
  • Training for people working with self-injury
  • Information about self-injury including good practice and information resource hub

Services for:

  • Girls & women affected by self-injury
  • Families/friends/professionals/others who came into contact with people who self-injure