In less than 9% of cases a perpetrator is a stranger to the victim. In 90% of cases the victim is known to their offender. The most serious and repeated offences are more likely to be committed by known persons, with offenders being family members more commonly for girls and young women and authority figures more commonly for boys and young men. 

Anyone can be a rapist; rapists can be any race, ethnicity, age, and from any economic background or social group. Rape and sexual abuse is about control and power and can be just one of many tools used to dominate a victim. 

Many people assume that rape can not happen within a relationship because consensual sex has already occurred. This is not the case. Consent must be provided EVERY time sexual activity starts and can be withdrawn at any point. It is not your duty or responsibility to sexually satisfy your partner when you do not want to and you should never be forced into this.