Axis is an independent specialist charity providing therapeutic and practical support for survivors and their families who have experienced any type of sexual trauma.

Our one to one support services provide a safe, secure and confidential place where you will be listened to in a respectful and non-judgmental way and be able to access the best advice and help.

Counselling Services

  • Counselling for adults aged 18+
  • Counselling for Young People aged 11-17
  • Counselling for family, parents, carers, guardians and friends

Groups and Workshops

  • Workshops whilst on Axis waiting list
  • Ongoing groups support once Axis counselling has ended

Adult Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) Service

  • ISVA service for  people aged 18+
  • Children and Young People  ISVA Service for children aged 11-17
  • Parenting  ISVA Service  for parents/ Carers/ Guardian of survivors aged 10 and under
  • Information & Advice

Contact us:


Axis Counselling

By telephone: 01743 357777

By Email: [email protected]

Axis ISVA Service

By telephone: 01743 243007

By Email: [email protected]


Emails are for general enquiries – all requests for referrals and confidential matters are strongly advised to use the telephone

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