Love and Abuse

A powerful account of the complicated struggle that isn't often talked about, a loved one hurting you. Read more

Izzy's Story

I don’t know how my story will impact anybody, but I know it needs to be told. And if this story reaches you, I am so proud of you and your strength. Read more

MJ's Story

MJ shares their journey of recovery following sexual assault and rape. Read more

Michelle's story

Michelle shares her journey of healing following childhood sexual abuse. Read more

Danielle’s Story

Telling my story is in a way, a leap of faith. It is the final piece I need to finally feel free of all the walls I’ve constructed over the years. Read more

Kelly's Story

Kelly shares her story of life after experiencing sexual abuse. Read more

Shannon's Story

It’s important for me to tell my story.  I hope that by telling it, it will help other male survivors of sexual abuse to speak out and get help. Read more

Healing My Hidden Trauma

I continue to share my story because I’m motivated knowing that the more we speak, the more we all heal. Read more

Jessica's story

Jessica shares her story of sexual assault and rape and how she started her journey of healing. Read more