Tip 12: It's Okay to Say How You're Feeling

It’s okay to not be okay and it’s also okay to say so too! Read more

Tip 11: Set Aside Time for Yourself

Finding time for you can be difficult at the best of times so when the holiday season rolls around we often forget to prioritise ourselves. Read more

Tip 10: Affirmation Jar

An affirmations jar is a place to document and revisit positive affirmations, happy thoughts/feelings and successes. Read more

Tip 9: Look After your Health and Wellbeing

As well as exercising the body it is equally important to exercise the mind. Read more

Tip 8: Find Inspiration

If you’ve been feeling stuck and uninspired here are several ways to help find inspiration Read more

Tip 7: It's Okay to Say No

Saying ‘no’ can be difficult for many of us. The key is learning to balance kindness and courteousness without sacrificing our own sense of self-worth. Read more

Tip 6: Make a Self-Care Box

The idea of a self- care box is to provide you with everything you need to get back on track during those times when it’s difficult to even comprehend self-care. Read more

Tip 5: Avoid Known Triggers

The whole idea of Christmas triggers many powerful thoughts and feelings. Read more

Tip 4: How to manage spending time with the abuser or people that make you feel bad about yourself

What can you do when your Christmas is likely to bring you into contact with people you’d rather not see? Read more

Tip 3: Seek Support

Remember you aren’t alone this Christmas or any other time of the year. Read more

Tip 2: Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to avoid getting caught up in the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings. Read more

Tip 1: Create your own traditions

Who says you have to celebrate Christmas the traditional way or at all? Read more