This is Erika's story.

In march 2014 I fought off a twice convicted murderer when he tried to rape me on my way home from a morning yoga class.

I worked with the police to put my abuser in jail, even though the experience had shattered my world.

The attack exposed me to the reality of rape and sexual abuse. I spoke boldly and opening about what I experienced to awaken and protect others around me. This inspired more and more people to share their personal stories with me furthering my awareness.

I knew my experience was a drop in the ocean to a massive global problem. I wanted to help those who have suffered more than I did. I decided to shave my head for the survivors trust to give me a platform to raise money and awareness. I made two videos sharing my story in a bid to make others feel less alone in their experiences, and share the shocking statics and reality of rape and sexual abuse.

We all have the power to catalyst change no matter how powerless we sometimes feel.

Working with the trust has inspired me to train as an independent sexual violence adviser and help more people to work through and release their trauma.