Valen Vain, an alternative model and performer, braved the shave in order to raise money for The Survivors Trust. 

"I'm Valen Vain, Vain by name and Vain by nature. As an alternative model and performer, my appearance has always meant a great deal to me. In the business world is my marketing and my product, so the decision to change my look was no small feat, however after a great deal of thought (not to mention courage) I decided to do some good and get rid of the hair that I had grown for nearly 20 years.

The cause to raise money for was a simple decision for me. Unfortunately I have had many friends who have been through rape and sexual abuse, and though they have come out the other side as people I love and admire, I know that the scars are still there. That is why I chose to raise money for The Survivors Trust. It has always been hard for me to know how to provide support for those who have been through such ordeals, however this was a way that I could support those who CAN provide the much needed help.

As the slogan goes "there is no excuse for rape and sexual abuse", and though this is true, it does not stop it happening. I just hope that the money I have raised helps The Survivors Trust encourage the survivors to come forward and start their healing process with support and encouragement. And if you have been through such an ordeal, remember, it is NEVER your fault! You are not a victim, You are a Survivor!"