It’s okay to not be okay and it’s also okay to say so too! We often silence ourselves when it comes to talking about how we feel, this can be due to the reaction we fear others may have or fear of sharing how we really feel. However if we don’t say what we think or feel, other people cannot guess or know, and this can lead to us feeling worse.

Especially during the holiday season, we can worry about coming across as a Grinch if we’re not full of festive cheer.

Try not to feel guilty for honoring your emotions and remember that the expectations we have around the holiday season we usually put on ourselves.

Visit: How to talk about what you're feeling

The courage to be me 'The courage to be me' is an illustrated story about courage, self compassion and hope after rape or sexual abuse by Dr Nina Burrows. Dr Nina Burrows is an independent psychologist who helps people understand the psychology of child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual harrassment, sexual assault, rape and domestic abuse.