We know that Christmas can be a difficult time and may be triggering for some but please don’t feel alarmed as this is a normal feeling for many survivors. Who says you have to celebrate Christmas the traditional way or at all?

Here’s an idea. Give yourself permission to start a new Winter tradition.  

Take a moment to think and focus on what you enjoy doing, who, if anyone, you’d like to spend the holidays with, where you would like to go and when you would like to celebrate your new found tradition. Whether that is a bike ride with a loved one or heading out for a walk along a beach or in the park, be as creative as you please.

Above all else, celebrate your survival. In whatever way you have survived 2019. Whatever has happened to you, your spirit is untouched. Use the empathy your experiences have developed in you to create compassion for yourself – you may not feel strong, but you are. Be kind to yourself.

If you are struggling with ideas visit: 7 fun yet non traditional ways to celebrate Christmas