I would like to share my story in the hope it may give strength and hope to other survivors.
Adopted officially but within the family at birth . Adopted Father & Uncle raped abused me. My Father was controlling and even managed to re-traumatise me  beyond the grave by leaving his estate to the local church who refused access to many items from my past . He poisoned local people against me  so I was too afraid to attend the funeral.
My father raped me until age 11,& my Uncle to age 19. It became clear this was the prime driver in my adoption . Adopted mother did not want me as she was in her fifties with a career and was sacked once I arrived and told to go home and look after me . No love . Just beatings and fear - permanently afraid .
At 21 married an older man n France but he was an alcoholic and after 7 years fled back to the UK.16-18 tortured by a gang in Cambridge .Now having EMDR to pick up the pieces .
The constant that has upheld me is the church and a faith from a young age . It gives me hope and a sense of purpose and of course being loved.
EMDR is extraordinary and is starting to address all my phobias little by little . Emetophobia and fear of any illness just a couple amongst a long list. If you are suffering please seek help . It is possible to move on but it is a bumpy road at times .
There is now light at the end of a long dark tunnel .
Exercise really helps . I cycle and hike in the hills . Swimming also good . Chronic migraine plagued me but clinical Botox is helping .
Determined my abusers will not have the last word here and that I will emerge stronger and determined to love life to the full.
I am blessed with two sons 31&35 two lovely daughter in laws and Chris my husband & Julia my best pal plus her dog Bibbs who is my registered assistance dog and ALWAYS Knows when I’m about to dissociate or have a migraine .
Keep on keeping on !!
Courage and better health !