To mark 10 years since my abuse I will be running the Milton Keynes Autumn Half Marathon in early October alongside my mum (Amanda Brown) and boyfriend (Reegan Marchant). 

I decided to do something like this to raise money as I feel it is so important for victims to speak out. I have an extremely supportive set of friends, two incredible parents and an amazing boyfriend who have all helped me come a very long way. After a tough year at university, being left to think on my own brought back a lot of past trauma for me. Doing this run will hopefully increase awareness and will also help me personally focus on something whilst I carry on studying. 

On the 4th of October 2020 we all completed the Milton Keynes Autumn Half Marathon. A  massive thank you to everyone who has donated and shared our fundraiser. We have worked so hard for 8 months and are so grateful for the support we have received. I am so proud of my family, what an amazing job Reegan & my Mum did! 

Thank you to those who came to support us at the race, seeing your faces whilst running was so lovely & I definitely couldn’t have done it without your support! Thank you❤️ 

In total we have raised £2610 in total for the charity The Survivors Trust, which is an unbelievable amount of money! The charity does amazing work for survivors of sexual abuse, violence & rape. Thank you for your support!