Some may find work on this page triggering so please view with caution. Artwork and photography can be fantastic mediums to raise awareness of sexual violence and its effects on victims-survivors and their loved ones. We have had the wonderful privilege of receiving some amazing work from artists and activists using their talents for good. If you would like to feature your artwork on this page, please get in touch via email at [email protected]

Instagram artist @blandoodles created these amazing images for us during our Campus Consent Campaign last September. The campaign highlighted the importance of seeking consent from sexual partners and dispelled some commonly held beliefs about certain behaviours. We love her use of colour and bold messages!

Erika Leadbeater and photographer Sveety K created this amazing series of photographs for us during the National Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week last September. She drew on her own experiences and common reactions towards survivors to create the series. Erika has recently trained as an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser through our IVSA Practitioner training.

Abigail Popple created these amazing pieces for us to highlight the issue of clothing and consent. Time and time again victims of sexual violence are questioned about what they were wearing. One recent case of this occurred when a defence lawyer suggested that a 17 year old teenager must have consented to sex because she was wearing a "thong with a lace front" in a rape trial in Cork, Ireland. It is clear that the assumption that clothing suggests consent is still prevalent amongst many.