The Survivors Trust is delighted to announce that a free, national live chat service has been launched to help make it easier for individuals who have been affected by sexual violence or abuse to access support and information.

The Live Chat service provides safe, non-judgemental support, information and signposting to survivors of all genders, their supporters and professionals. The service is currently available 5pm-8pm on Monday and Wednesday to anyone over the age of 16. To access the Live Chat service, click here, and then click on the icon under the Live Chat section.

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed and need to talk, are looking for information about where you can access specialist support or want to know how you can best support a loved one, we are here. 

Help us fundraise for the Live Chat Service! 

As with all services, to run a Live Chat service it costs money. That's why to celebrate the launch of the new service, we're hosting a raffle fundraiser. Enter the raffle for just £3 to be in with a chance to win a hamper full of amazing gifts AND proceeds of the raffle will go towards funding our new Live Chat Service.

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Thank you so much to everyone who has entered and supported the Live Chat so far, and to all the businesses that kindly donated prizes!

Why is a Live Chat service so important?

In the UK it is estimated that 1 in 6 people will experience sexual abuse or sexual violence. We want to ensure that every survivor has somewhere to turn to for safe, non-judgemental emotional support, and for information and signposting for specialist sexual violence support services. The Live Chat Service aims to improve accessibility to emotional support and information for anyone affected by sexual abuse or sexual violence in the following ways:

1. An easier, more comfortable way to express feelings and concerns

Seeking information or support about sexual violence or abuse is incredibly personal, and for many, picking up the phone to call a helpline may be incredibly daunting. For individuals who are dealing with the impact of trauma, or are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, it can be hard to express your thoughts out loud. Live Chat enables survivors to reach out for support and information by typing rather than speaking out loud which can help make communication easier for many.

2. Improved accessibility 

The Live Chat ensures survivors with hearing difficulties, individuals who may have speech problems, or any other challenges which make talking on the phone difficult, are still able to access the support and information they deserve.

3. A more discrete way for survivors to seek information and support

It has been evident during lockdown that not everyone has a safe, quiet space for private conversations. Live Chat will help survivors who don't have a quiet space to talk to still access vital support, without the worry of other people being nearby.