North West Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Organisations across the North West of England come together to raise awareness of sexual violence and the specialist support services available to survivors. Read more

Finding the balance: Rape and sexual abuse in the media

Television and the media can be a valuable medium for sharing stories and highlighting societal issues and events. However, with this comes a moral responsibility to support and protect those in the audience who may be personally affected by the subject being explored. Read more

Jessica's story

Jessica shares her story of sexual assault and rape and how she started her journey of healing. Read more

Girl with the Sword

The Girl with the Sword shares the story of her journey of healing from military sexual trauma. Read more

CICA 'Same roof rule' deadline - 13th June 2021

Reminder - the deadline for applications to CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) under the ‘same roof rule’ is 13th June 2021. Read more

Our Team

Find out more about our committed TST team members. Read more

NHS Urges Sex Crime and Abuse Victims To Seek Help

Women who have experienced domestic abuse and sexual assault are being urged to contact the NHS for support, as the number of people seeking help halved during the first lockdown. Read more

"It'll only take ten minutes"

"For him it was just ten minutes of his life and meant nothing. For me, it has affected the rest of mine ever since." Josephine shares her story in the hopes to inspire other survivors to not be ashamed to share their story. Read more

Our Helpline

Our free, national helpline provides information, advice and emotional support to all survivors of rape, sexual abuse and violence, and childhood sexual abuse. No matter when the abuse took place, we're here to support you. Read more