Into The Light offers counselling, information, support and resources for people who have experienced sexual abuse and those that support them.

Support offered:

  • A Ten Session Psycho-educational Course for Survivors of sexual abuse which is topic-based but also has plenty of time for sharing experiences and is facilitated by a professional counsellor. This is available through:  

Groups: Women’s Groups in London and Online.
One to one: for women and men and all genders online throughout the UK.

  • One to one counselling. This is available for men and women and all genders in London and online throughout the UK
  • Workshops on some of the main issues surrounding sexual abuse for Survivors of all genders and also for partners, support workers and counsellors who support them
  • Trauma Informed Seminars and training for community groups, counselling services and organisations  on working with Survivors
  • An informative website which provides information and resources for Survivors and those who  support them
  • Email support and resources for Survivors and those who support them
  • Supporting and working with other organisations who are also supporting Survivors

Services for:

Adult Survivors of sexual abuse – all genders with women only spaces

·        Partners And Supporters of Survivors  

·        Counsellors and Mental Health Professionals

Address: PO Box 64427, London, W5 9HA
Email: [email protected]

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