Charity By Kanéda Fundraiser

On Tuesday 15th November, Kanéda put on a night of spoken word, rap, art and singing at Boxpark Shoreditch for The Survivors Trust. Read more

Holly, Amanda & Reegan Run a Half Marathon!

"I decided to do something like this to raise money as I feel it is so important for victims to speak out. I have an extremely supportive set of friends, two incredible parents and an amazing boyfriend who have all helped me come a very long way. After a tough year at university, being left to think on my own brought back a lot of past trauma for me. Doing this run will hopefully increase awareness and will also help me personally focus on something whilst I carry on studying." Read more

Rebecca Jumped out of a Plane!

"I was eight years old when it happened, and fourteen when it when to court. Think about your cousin, son, daughter, brother, sister right now and imagine at fourteen years old, going to court to face the person who abused them. It’s hard to stomach, right? That is the reality for so many people. That was reality for my family and me. Look at the statistics on the Survivors trust website and see for yourself – the numbers are chilling." Read more